Number 14 next

Storm number 14, already the wind has hit 100k, sky trains have stopped and I have just discovered that things under the deck are blowing around. I know where the flashlight is but hope I don’t have to use it tonight. Snow is expected by morning and the temperature is going to drop. One of the neighbours has his snow plow attached to his truck.  It is nice to know that our block will be ploughed if necessary.

I have spent my time today making a poly blouse with a cross over front. I am just poking around making it, making alterations to the pattern.

Yesterday I was taking doll pictures at a friend’s house, she had an OTT light. It sure made a difference in getting a truer colour. I should have taken some wool with me, to see what kind of difference it makes, I am so  tired of not getting a true colour.

This is the first time I have posted just using live journal and not semagic, evidently there is an easy why to add pictures to my text.  Maybe later tonight if I still have power.


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