Last year I created an ATC which celebrated New Years, with the comment. Each day I shall Create art, explore and dream. I kept a list of finished items, which covered knitting, sewing, hand bound books, jewellry, altered art( pages for swaps, cards and atcs) and dolls most of which I have documented and my grand total was 78.
My usual list starts with I must organize my supplies.
I wanted to start my list again with creative pursuits. But nature has thrown a bit of a kybosh. It is raining again, although now it is sunny. To make a long story short, the perimeter drain is blocked and the water has come into my sewing room.
I will resolve not to keep any thing on my floor anymore, and to clear out what I don’t need.  We are going to have to clear it out completely, I don’t know where I will store things. The floor is laminate hardwood on a foam base. It is all wet.
So I will organize my sewing supplies, stash and books once again, I guess if everything comes out of the room, I will endeavor to put back only what I need and maybe a few things I want. The wool is safe.


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