Curl up and knit

Another year is coming to a close, and the quiet holiday time has nearly ended. Mind you it ends in a bit of activity with an evening dinner with friends. Tonight we will talk of vacations, next year plans, have a lamb dinner and watch Boston Legal  season one. I’ll get the pans and spoons out for noise making at midnight.
New Years day dinner is family time. with 11 or 12 of us, this year I am breaking with tradition and serving spagetti and meatballs. Dessert will be offerings of fruit, cakes, tarts, plum pudding and whipping cream, so one could make a triffle or anything else they desire.
The tree will come down on Monday, I am at the point where I want a return to my rather lax routine. post on Small is beautiful is wonderful, her photo of wool and her cat are great, I recommend everyone have a look.

Christmas has brought me a ball winder and a swift, that will be a really nice change from sore shoulders and wrists. I went with a friend to over town and picked up my swift, size 2mm needles for socks and the latest Knitscene. Don’t think I will knit anything up from it, it is quite retro and young, there is an interesting fulled mohair wrap, an article on Eunny, and another article on crocheted edges.

The 2mm needles are working out much better with my tension, and I am just knitting a plain pair of socks with the garter stitch short row heel. I liked the first pair so much with that heel I am doing it again, of course this time I am doing it correctly! No more little holes on the diagonal, I liked them last time and thought they were a design feature.

On Friday I went with another friend to Fabricana and had a lovely look at lots of wonderful fabrics. It is nothing like Fabricland. I bought 4 pieces of fabric for $90. One printed linen, one printed stretch lace, 2 jersey knits one print and one plain. The plan was to buy printed fabric and then base a wardrobe around it, using the colours in the print. So I carefully picked prints that would work with the stash. Of course, there are now 3 distinct colourways going on and I have to make up my mind re patterns and pieces.  There is an online group working with fabric and planning an 11 piece wardrobe that works together,  at the most I have a potential  of about 4 parts for each one.  I guess I just have to start somewhere and make it work.

I am thinking of resolutions, I like to make ones that are fun. I have a much better chance of success.

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