wool and weather


I just got Beyond Wool and another sewing book from  Hampstead House for a really good price a couple of weeks ago.  It has some good patterns and a bit of background about the other yarns in the book.

The weather situation here remains changeable with sunny periods,, torrential downpours and today depending where one was driving on the North Shore rain, snow and a bit of hail thrown in for good measure. Five minutes later I was home and the rain had nearly stopped. I think it has been a week today that we have had to boil water due to turbidity. I finally resorted to bottled water for tea and for doing my teeth.  We can at least see the bottom of the toilet again. This is a good sign.  It will be good to be in Toronto for a few days and hopefully leave the water problems behind.
I started another pair of socks,     eyelets again, this is pair number 10! The colours are a little darker than the photo.
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I wrote to the yarn harlot a couple of times lately and mentioned that I had at long last complete my KO top, so it was nice that she took the time to read my blog and then to email me.


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