Last week at the doll meeting, two friends gave me things from their stash.
I received a box of wool , cream, very  fine, no yardage or care symbols on it, wrapped in tissue with Les laines Georges Picaud printed on it! 10 ball  of Nutte fin with 40 grams each. There was even  a knitted swatch. My friend thinks it is from 1969 when she  designed and machine knit sweaters for a store in West Vancouver. Don’t think I can do this justice yet. The colour is a little dark in the photo. The yarn band is not as pink.
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Another friend gave me the fabric you see in the photo, there is quite a bit, enough for a dress. She had received it from her sister.  I ordered a couple of patterns this week on line and when they get here I will post a link and tell  of my plans.
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The best friends sweater I finished drawing out the pattern full size. I am seriously reconsidering the whole project, crikey, it looks big. I need a friend, who knows about fit, to come over and remeasure, rather than ask my husband  ro help again. I am really concerned about the depth of the sleeve. I have been laying out my jackets to see how they compare. Garter stitch cotton is going to drape differently from a woven  and finding a comparable weight is hard. Obviously I am still in a problem solving stage of this project. I want to start it before Christmas.


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