Radio GaGa

This song is in my head today, yesterday “We are the Champions”. We had a good time on Sunday night watching the show was great.  It was a family affair for some as the folks in their sixties brought their kids in their 30’s. Very few under 20 and a whole lot of people over 60.  Not a crowd who wanted to stand and wave their arms all night.

My friend, Louisa, got a mention of her website in Fiber Femmes, congrats to her it is a well deserved honor.
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I finished my socks, I am quite happy with them.  I finally went into publisher and set up a journal page to keep track of the details of my knitting projects.  I am working on drawing out the schematic of the Best Friends jacket  by Sally Melville, the size is enough to put one off knitting. I am taping a roll of paper together and comparing it to jackets in my wardrobe. I need to make the sleeves 2 inches longer and I think the sleeves are too deep for me, I don’t need all the extra fabric around my middle.
I need to get the last of the Christmas presents on the needles.


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