Been there, done that

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My title refers to the fact that I am trying to get a better toe on my socks. I have grafted one toe, it was too short, the next two weren’t right plus then I finally discovered where I had lost a stitch. In the middle of the heel, I tried the crochet hook method, it wasn’t working, frogged back.  That heel is quite elastic and the sock fits differently, I like it, it is easier to get on and off and with no strain, my gusset socks are really pulled in that area and the stitch distorts.

Anyrate, I thought that I would become well acquainted with the Knit Picks yarn that I dyed. Figuring out the right number of cast on for a 2.5mm, and just try different heels and toes. I decided to stay with a simple pattern, I put the eyelets every 3rd row instead of every 4th, etc. It is grey and wet here today, I took the photo on a fairly bright white background.

So what have I learned, I am knitting faster, I had 40 grams of wool left over after the last pair of socks.

So what is up next: get the toes done, make good notes for next time.  Knit a tube with the rest of the ball, get co-ordinated yarn for heels, cuffs and toes, cut apart tube add cuffs, toes and an afterthought heel. That is explained in the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook.
Hopefully, I can knit during Battlestar Gallactica and Skate Canada tonight and I can dget these done.  I really should be working on a doll or two for an exhibit.


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