fat book, socks

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Today, I go this in the mail, I have not so patiently been waiting for it ever since it was mailed early last week.  There are 29 pages for an alphabet fat book, a couple of endpages and a number page included.  I did the letter Y, 4×4 inch format all very similar. This is the first time, I have taken part in this type of exchange and I have so much to learn from each page. The various artists were from Canada and the US. We are now faced with the challenge of how to bind the book, I want something unique and funky and elegant.  No doubt this will keep me awake a few nights.I have a page of ideas in one of my journals, now I need to see if that is practical.  Did you notice the letter J is knitted?

The Socks picture is huge even though it is reduced. I have tried to hide it but that is not working for me today. Anyrate, this is the yarn I dyed with Adriana, just a plain sock with the garter stitch heel. They feel like the best fit yet. I haven’t named this colourway yet, I’d welcome suggestions. So far, I have thought of “Autumn Squash”, “Curried Veg” and ” Tiger in the Green grass”.
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Heather posted a picture of the fingerless gloves called Fetching and here is the pair I did in Silky wool. A dark red, which was hard to photograph.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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