Say it Outloud. The yarn harlot’s columm today really hit a note with me.  I find it is hard to just say thank-you when paid a compliment about our crafts or art work. I always want to point out the errors or what I had to fix. ( sometimes, I am d*** proud of how I managed to solve the problem to fix it).
Years ago, in a depression  where there was a lot of soul searching and self doubt, I read a slew of self help books. One was about affirmations by Louise Hay, there was an affirmation for everything.  No half measures, about I feel better or I am trying to be creative, you had to jump in fully. So I tried I am well and I am creative.  She said if you need to say it 300 times a day, well do so.  So on  my walks, each foot step was accompanied by an affirmation.   It worked.

It took quite awhile before I am creative turned into I am an artist.  It took another period of time before I actually said it outloud  to someone. The first time I said I was an artist was at a nursing reunion, I felt fairly safe I wouldn’t  be seeing these people again for another  5 years.  That 5 year period was very creative with some commisions for my embroidery work  and  my work appeared in some publications.  Now I say I am a knitter, but  I am creative still works well for me.

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