Yesterday, I spent time felting my  hat and a small purse. I just may cut them into pieces and use for atcs or dolls.  The crown of the hat is too tall and the brim rolled, prior to the brim rolling up on the edge. It looked like something my grandmother wore in 1915 and in fact I looked quite a bit like her in it. No I did not take a picture! In its current state it looks like it was designed by Dr. Suess, not a look I like.  I am seriously thinking of taking a rotary cutter to it lopping off the crown and offending part of the brim and then restitching by machine.  It was going to be my hat for rainy days but sofar I could wear it for Halloween.

In the meantime, while I make plans  and dream, I am putting my hands in my wrist splints for a couple of days. I need to give some sore joints a rest.  Hopefully I will post some pictures later today.


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