My blog is a year old

It is hard to believe that a year has passed. It has kept me focused on getting some of my projects done, although that knitting olympics project is still no where near finished  and I am once more thinking of taking it apart again.  I find it easier to journal in this format instead of a book and I like putting in pictures despite the frustrations of getting the colour right.
Thanks to everyone who has helped me with my problems re photobucket and livejournal. I still have some ideas and will no doubt ask for help again.

This weekend is thanksgiving in Canada,  we are going down to the sailboat for an overnight tonight.  It is sun shinny right now. I am packing up my sewing machine to take with me, I am bound and determined that I will make a fitted sheet for the cabin berth. I hate crawling around on my hands and knees trying to get the cursed thing tucked into place. I will also take some knitting with me and will try to finish another Christmas present.  I am taking sock yarn as well and will get another pair on the needles.

We will have Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and we will be having lamb and Greek style mezzes.

Going to Greece has sparked my creativity, I will have some new atcs to post next time.


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