travelling expectations

I think one of the best ways to travel, is to just enjoy. I had scanned the travel books, and I decided early on that what ever I saw it would be good. We travelled with another couple, who brought a couple of books with them and we discovered after a few days that we had done 6  of 10 of the best walks of Athens.  Don had his GPS, but it didn’t work well in Athens with the density of buildings but he had it working on the bus tours and and on the sailboat. We bought a map while we were there as well.
The Athen’s bus trip circled around and around picking up people from other hotels, but as we passed some areas for a third and fourth time, things were starting to look familiar.  A lot of the apartments are about 4 stories high and the balconies are covered with awnings down to the next floor, the roofs are covered with old tv aerials and oaccasionally a satelite dish. Some balconies and roofs are densely covered with plants. The Athenian Callithoe is where we stayed,  in the non smoking rooms which weren’t quite as luxurious, but the resturant on the roof with the view of the Acropolis at night was wonderful and mesmerizing.
The first site on the bus tour was the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s arch.
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