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The city gardeners followed the head gardeners plan without thinking. I get a giggle every time I pass by this flower bed.

Knitting: I did finish one more Christmas present with silky wool. I love that yarn and I am pleased to report I am getting better with lace. Today the new Mag Knits is up., there are some great socks, fingerless gloves look interesting to do as well.  I see Spun is now going to be posted in the fall. 
I haven’t been knitting at all, sewing for the trip has taken over.
I made a denim jacket and pants, this week, 3 security pockets to hide stuff, and today I have been working on a microfiber blouse that I started a couple of years ago. It will look great with the jacket and pants so I am giving it a whirl.

Household: We had a leak in the plumbing, we could hear running water. It turned out it was on District property and they fixed their portion on Monday, they repatched the road on Wed and today we had our pipe to the house replaced and a new valve put in. The old pipes were 50 years old and very brittle.

Journal: I have a journal decorated and tags with ribbons and a glue stick ready for vacation. One paint brush and a bunch of coloured squares inside the back cover with water soluble crayonss, for adding colour to my artwork.


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