fibre happy

I went to the Gibson’s Landing Fibre fest, it was quite a small show but I did enjoy myself and liked looking at the exhibits.
I restrained myself, I don’t know why. I bought Trekking sock yarn in colour 159. It was too washed out in the photo, faded denim,pink, grey, gold and cream. 50 grams of fleece to spin and a small spindle, I will definitely going to see Damselfly about lessons but not until after September. That came from Knitopeia in White Rock.
I bought a package of angelina fiber from Sew Easy  and they had alchemy yarns as well, very tempting. I met Holli Yeoh from Bees Knees, really nice lady and she had cute new sweaters with her.
Fun Knits from Quadra had an amazing variety of sock yarns, more Trekking, Lorna’s Laces and also yarns with cotton. check out the yarns on her site, I am also interested in the scrawl pattern.

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