2 friends, 2 books

I finally delivered a birthday present to my neighbour, a week late. I made a text and texture journal based on nature and animals for her.
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The colour is more intense, the back ground is a celery green. So it has more of a golden hue. I used a hydrangea leaf for the motif in the middle. I really like working with the gel  modeling paste. I neglected to check the last two signatures and had them in upside down, so I learnt how to take it apart and make repairs. I like the large eyelets but have to find something better to flatten them in the back.

The second book for another friend isn’t quite finished, I still have to cement on the frame and purse. Hers is based on fashion and fabric. The colour is actually more purple-pink.
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This is the sample of handspun I got from Austrailia http://www.wooldancer.blogspot.com/ It is 2 metres of thick and thin, lavender to teal   with peacock in the mix as well. I don’t know what it is destined to be yet, doll hair, sewn on atcs,  or added into a focal area on a new felted purse.

Rust dye anyone, I can’t bear to thow out the old ax head, I have dyed with rust once before with a few old nails. I dyed the cotton lining for a woven handbag. I have friends who have dyed linen with it. My friend has offered me some white linen so maybe I’ll give it a whirl.
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Christmas knitting:
I have been using silky wool, the first pair of wrist warmers are done and the second pair have been started.


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