knitting progress

I finished my lace project, it actually did get easier over time. I just have to keep counting and counting. I was working on the Leaf cravat from the winter02/03 from interweave knits. I used silky wool and made the shorter scarf.
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Another knitting project has been languishing, the voodoo wrist warmers from knitty. I tried several times to get the buttonhole for the thumb to look right and after leaving it alone, I seem to have now figured out the process.

Sewing, I bought more fabric, just can’t resist a good sale and I made a pair of demin pants with a drawstring waist, they fit well except for the length, which I made too long and so I have to retaper the legs before I redo the hems.

Blackberries: Thornless, what a joy to pick! A fairly compact plant with lots of berries, I pick  8 cups of berries every few days. It has been raining so don’t know how they are doing now but will venture out tomorrow and pick again. The first pie was delicious and my hubby and I ate it all by ourselves(dessert for a few days). Mind you next time I cook pies I’ll put a cookie sheet in the oven to catch the drips.  My husband had to take out 2 parts of the gas oven  for me to get at the remaining gooey spots.
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Lots of berries still remain.

Artist talk: today at 1pm at a gallery. I am going to talk about the doll group and medium chosen for the event. The show is called “we FELT like it and other things”  The dolls had to incorporate felt or felt techniques.  Yesterday, I was calling on a friend to take my place, I don’t know what I had  but out of 36 hours I was only up off the couch for about an hour and a half total. Every joint hurt, I had a sinus headache. So it was a day of pain meds, ice packs and heating pads, bad tv and lots of sleep. I don’t know if it was a change in the weather or a virus but I am glad it is over!!


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