cleanup needed  This is a great site,  there is an online knitting book on how to be an expert knitter. Lots of great photos and tips, I wish I had read the chapter on joining seams before I had done my last sweater. The finishing could have been better.
My small lace project has been progressing, I am improving and having to rip out a lot less each day.

The deck has had a coat of vinyl paint done yesterday.  I’ll soon be able to take the barbeque out of the dining room and all of tools on the floor will be removed. Maybe the house can get back to normal. Renovations are such a mess, wood and sawdust everywhere out side, we are going to move the hot tub,  and rearrange all the stuff under the deck as well.  On Tuesday, the sofas, loveseats and the downstairs carpet were cleaned,  so all the stuff that was removed from the rec room should go back in place.  So I am living in chaos downstairs as well.

My friend, thought that she had a ball winder that I could have. On further inspection, we think that the 2 machines are bobbin winders. I am so impressed with the smooth running of the gears and am wondering if an adaption could be made  so that it would be a ball winder instead.  I haven’t taken any photos yet but will post later today.


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