Gibson’s Landing fibre Festival

My hubby and I are sailing over to Gibson’s on the 18th and staying in the marina for a couple of nights. It gives him a couple of days to putter on the boat, sail etc and it gives me the opportunity to  see lots of neat woolly things, plus other arty things. It is one of my favorite places even though it is on a steep hill  mountain.  Great little shops, good galleries, tourist atmosphere and not far from home.
Knitting, some day I will get it, knitting lace that is. I will never do a shawl or use mohair or anything fine. I have soooo much trouble just knitting a pattern with 19 stitches and 16 rows with silky wool. No matter how many times I check that yes, this time it is right, several rows later after it has had a chance to relax or something, yeeks, a dropped stitch.  I try to take extra pains, slow down, really concentrate and check after everytime I K2tog or ssk, but one little stitch escapes the process.
I am not going to say how many times I have ripped out, I am thankful the yarn stays together.  I have to say I am not frustrated  just disappointed each time I must frog.  I still enjoy the process but will proudly post pictures when it is completed.
It is not a big project  but so far 3 days, but whose counting.


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