I’m so excited.

My green Katia Idea top is finished. I’ll attach photo’s later, the batteries are charging now. A couple of days ago, I wasn’t so happy, I tried on the top and it was too low cut. So I had to remove the crocheted edging along the armseye and shorten the straps by an inch front and back.  I then put two rows of crochet around the neckline and one row around the armeyes. It needs a little pressing on the trim.
I was also finishing off another book today with the textured cover, I don’t know if it was my new hammer or just over enthusiasm but the eyelet hole went through the book cover, the green cutting mat and made a great indentation in my desk as well.
I am happy to finish a couple of things, it has been very hot  and today the house inside has been mid 70’s instead of mid 80’s. No breeze today but there was a breeze yesterday and it was lovely.
Garden news:
The blueberries have been sweet but only 2 bushes with fruit this year but I love going out and eating a warm handfull. As a teenager I picked blueberries at 6 cents a pound, I don’t know the going rate for the pickers any more, they probably use machines to shake the fruit off now, but anyrate the instore price is $2.98 per pound!
About 10 years ago, I bought a thornless blackberry plant, it doesn’t put out suckers for new growth, it was in a pot for several years with maybe 15 berries a year(none of which tasted anygood), This year is the 2nd year in the garden, we are going to have tons. The trick will be to pick them when they are ripe before the birds and racoons get them.


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