works in progress

Have you wondered what happened to all my works in progress. Most remain in the spot I left them, waiting for me to finish off the small bit remaining. This is typical of my approach to my crafts. The list expands, lanquishes near the completion stage for days, weeks or months. A couple of things more than a year.
As a result, I have necklaces needing a few more beads and a closure, a coat half sewn, it has never been cold enough to warrent finishing it, 2 atc swaps I signed up for and due by Sept 1, my green summer top, which is actually being blocked today.
There is also the olympic top out of Giotto, the back now looks good, the front is being redone, the neckline was too low and now I have decided on a halter top and need to look up some different necklines for that.and I decided to make it a little longer so a trim on the hem is called for and no I don’t know what I am doing regarding that.
One biggy, I haven’t mentioned before is I am taking part in a big swap. It is an alphabet fat book.  Pages are 4×41/2″, 29 to make on the letter Y, with embellilshments.  I signed up in a moment of weakness, I haven’t done a fat book before.  I have watercoloured  the backgrounds and cut out the pages.
The sewing is in the same state, hems on a coverup for vacation and a new linen top needs to be ironed.
Quite a few knitters have a lot of wips but I don’t know if it overlaps into the rest of their lives. I have known of people who only do one project at a time, but after my association with them, they now excitedly start more than one project at once!


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