Sailing weather.

Last Wednesday, we went down to Anacortes to move the boat to Canada.  We slept on board that night and left the next morning for Customs at Bedwell Harbour. We docked  at Poet’s Cove Marina It sure is a nice resort.
The next day, June 30, we went to Sidney to pay taxes at Customs. We were able to dock for the night. We had a good visit with family.Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI am looking quite pleased with myself. How  civilized is this? Hanging baskets at dockside.  This was a high tide, we were waiting until it was dark enough for the fireworks for Canada Day. It was quite something to hear all the boat horns sound at the end of the show.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOur boat the Pathways, is securely docked between two large power boats. I docked the boat in this space. No wonder I look pleased. I was also very happy with my rubbermaid step to help me get on and off the boat. It is working very well and is easy to store.
Canada day, we went through Active Pass and on to Sand Heads lights, the first time we have crossed the gulf from  that direction. We motored a total of 88 nautical miles.  The wind coming from the wrong direction or was too light to make much headway with the sails up.

I did manage a little knitting on a hat. I’ll do knitting posts later in the week.


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