I can find yarn anywhere!

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I’ve been to Toronto and back home in the last while. Had a great visit with family, we celebrated our son’s second wedding anniversary and his wife’s graduation with her MA.  I managed to find Lettuce Knit in Toronto and bought the Fleece Artist sock yarn while I was there
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I found this expensive but luscious yarn in London at Needles and Pins. I am thinking of making a stole from Exquisite Little Knits.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI went to Paris, Ont and found Mary Maxim’s, I have seen many of the catalogues, never ordered anything.The catalogue barely skims the surface of what is in this store, it is the size of a good grocery store, there are gift items, scrapbooking, fabrics and I even saw some Noro and Malabrigio. I think that something must always be on sale and I got the two balls of wool below for half price. I have a couple of funky purses in mind.
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This fabric (2 fat quarters) is cotton with a texture, that will come out when washed but I scored it in Exeter.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen we got home, we were off to our boat, which is currently in Anacortes, Wash.  Since we were celebrating its purchase, I bought the smallest container of wine possible. I am such a wine innocent, I didn’t even know one could purchase 500ml. I cut the package apart so I could do altered art with the label.

I found a yarn store in Annacortes, I got St. Ives sock yarn, and assorted threads for needlework. http://anacrossstitch.com
She had needles in 000 us.


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