not much knitting or anything else.

I have visited a couple of new to me wool stores. I went to Woolaroo in Abbotsford, it is a bit of a blur, I did buy a fibretrends felted purse pattern and saw some neat stuff in the yarn department, I was also keeping an eye out for the two little boys with me. Any yarn in a basket was fair game to the youngest until he found the books and toys.  They were good in the store but we kept the time short. 
I had 2 day trips down to Washing ton state, In La Conner, I found Jennings Yarn and Needlecraft, they had just moved to a new location and had incredible yummy yarns, alot that I had only seen on line or in books. I am sorry I don’t remember names but there location  is in a small mall right on the edge of the river, it is a great tourist town, wonderful little shops but no web sites.
I went to Barnes and Noble and had a very brief look through several of the new knitting books I had only seen on line. I just flipped through them but did n’t find anything that I really wanted.  I have been pondering my design skills and wondering if I wanted to go that route or not., I am such a slow knitter.
Regarding the green top, I have now finished the back and have completed the first full pattern on the front.


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