On a Roll

I have been busy working on several different projects. Everything is due this week!
I finished the Aidan vest for a baby expected to be born any day now. It is the same as the other two I did, same colours, different size and buttons. You’d think the 3rd time would be a charm but I seemed to have a problem with every section.

It is dye day tomorrow, I am all ready. I bought two different colours to play with another blue and red.  I will think about some colour schemes today to do my 4 balls of sock yarn.

A new doll is due to be finished for an exhibit on Wed., it is not in a show until July but there is a lot of lead time for this one. I still have the face and hair, (I might have to attempt to dye roving), some machine embroidery and sequins on her skirt, and a fancy collar. She is for the felt challenge.

The other doll is white, 22 inches, and a mannequin for a doll class starting on Thursday. It is 2 days and I can’t wait, Adele is leading the group of us. I am taking my large suitcase with wheels to transport my stuff. Right now this doll is not put together. She is stuffed really firmly and my  shoulders and wrists  paid a price. Thank goodness for ice packs!

The rain is pouring down, not a good day for photos but I will get some up later.

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