The good, the bad, the ugly and the fun.

The good this week is that I went to fibrefest with Brenda and ladyknits and saw another friends and had a great time. Got a few things.

My denise needlekit came in the mail and I love them.
The bad is a lot of frogging. The jaywalkers mysteriously had 4 added stitches to the pattern. The jaywalker must have been trying to jog around cars to get that many extras, and besides it seems to have been way back.
The baby vest also had the wrong number when I cast off at the armholes, so I have to start that again,  let’s face it, I can’t count and I was getting cocky too, ( I should know by now, that if I am getting to self congratulatory, I should watch out)

The fun and the ugly are all together in the same project. On Monday, I was at the papergroup making crepe paper flowers and was having a good time working with a different medium.  I also have the book Alter knits, which features a crepe paper knitted crown. You squish the paper first into a narrow shape and knit carefully and slowly. It is easy to put the point of the needle through the paper and I found it also easy to tear if it is knit too tightly and had to do a little repair with tape. It called for 3 rolls of paper streamers, but I was nearly finished with the first roll and nearly finished the crown, I don’t really need the long streamers down the back. The ugly happened, the roll felt into what I thought was an empty mug. Obivously a little tea remained and was wicked up immediately. Nothing like a sloppy glop of paper. I have all the finishing to do, adding shiny bits, ribbons, buttons etc.The shiny bits are pony tail holders which I will take apart.


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