socks, atc. roses

Knitting news: The little vest from last week is slowly being knitted with both fronts and a couple inches  of the back of the vest now completed. I have tried to swatch my new sweater in the Fanny yarn, so far that is not to guage. Last night , I was bored and started my jaywalkers socks Image hosting by Photobucketwith some of my hand dyed yarn. I really like the pattern.
I am planning on going to Fibrefest with a friend don’t know what day yet.

ATCs: I have made a set of blue ones. It is the first time that I have encorporated some of my own art work. I used a paper collar that I made several years ago. The blue and silver paper reminded me of the sea, I tore it up and placed it between layers of chiffon and tulle, then stitched on yarns by machine and added beads by hand.
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

The roses were a belated birthday present. The leaves were very dry in this picture.

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