If it doesn’t seem right, it’s not.

Once again I started knitting the http://www.beeskneesknits.ca/pattinfo2.html#aidan vest with sock yarn, it didn’t seem quite right along the bottom edge of the front. It wasn’t curling up like it was supposed to, no mater how much I squished and patted it into place. I gamely knitted on, I decided that because I was doing the smallest size that somehow it was working differently. When I started on the other front piece, I discovered my error! I had used garter stitch instead of stockinette. Honestly, one would think that by the 3rd of these vest, I would have clued in.  Nevertheless, undaunted, I decided that I could just cut off the offending part and knit back down to the starting edge.  I have done this before, but alas, it isn’t working for me this time!! My friend’s grandchild is not due till May, so I am in no rush yet.

On a happier note and also note I haven’t started knitting yet my latest purchase from Elann. Katia Fanny in Vanilla Ice and the Garden Paths Cardigan.http://secure.elann.com/productdisp.asp?NAME=maddy+laine+leaflet+130+%2D+Garden+Paths&Cat=NEW&ProductType=4&Count=18  Finally a cardigan I can use a lighter yarn which won’t be too hot to wear and hopefully will be worn from fall until spring.

I have also been working on some new artist trading cards, theme blue. I scanned a blue paper collar with chiffon, with bead and yarn embellishment, and then tried to get some good prints from it.  The colour on my monitor and what the printer thinks it should do are 2 different things. I tried 5 different levels of colour saturation, tint etc. Although not the same as the original, I think I will be happy with the cards, so I will continue working with them. Next week sometime, I will post photos of them and the orginal collar. 

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