Olympic Hurdles

An hour and a half after the flame was lit, I decided to check on my progress. I had made my swatch on regular needles and had 13 stitches to the 4 inches, using 8mm needles . Since I cast on 8mm circular needles, my biggest fear was the dreaded twisted first row, but I persisted until I was in row 5. First thing that is not so good is the curling of the lower edge, my DIL, aka http://socksforphlox.livejournal.com      had warned me of this possiblity but I forgot.  I threaded half the stitches on the needle onto a carrying thread—-YIKES—-half is nearly the entire width that  I need. I measured somehow I have 4.5 stitches to 4 inches when I work with circular needles. It is all now ripped off the needles, while I have a think. So far one walk in the garden, primulas are in bloom. and I think I will go sew for awhile. I must remember that this is more normal mode of work, Dive in, reassess, solve the problem , start again.  I find it good to find out the problems at the beginning rather than the end of the project.

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