It was my birthday yesterday. My dh gave me Sally Melville’s colour book, I love it and we went out for a great lunch. Today was another special lunch at a tea house resturant at Thread Bear a quilting fabric store. They have a  small selection of yarn and now have Noro in stock and some great felted bags, for inspiration. I have a great plaque for my garden, a toy cat to keep me company as I seem to be the only knitting blogger without one(real or otherwise) some atcs and a rubber stamp. I am very lucky.
On the knitting front I have made a multidirectional scarf with some multicoloured chenille.  I haven’t any good pictures yet and will try again tomorrow. I washed it to block it, that may have been wrong, it is quite a bit narrower but it is still damp.

Is there such a thing as a tweed sock yarn? I am in no hurry for it but desire some.
Knitting Olympics–I was thinking about my cast on numbers and realized I had made a mistake, sometimes it is good to wait a few days after playing with the numbers before taking the next step.


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