I made the big decision and joined up today. No doubt, I am enthusiastic and possibly overconfident( or nuts). I have decided to make a sleeveless top using my own design using Giotto and jersey fabric strips. I will upload a picture of my swatch tomorrow, but tonight I did figure out the width of the fabric strips and have taped my fabric to the carpet. this is going to take me awhile to cut out.
As part of my olympic challenge, I have decided to at least look at all the blogs of the knitting athletes. I am up to the “J’s” my goodness there are lots of wonderful socks out there in blog land and also a lot of cats!

On the gardening front, my amarylis is finally in bloom. It looks wonderful, beautiful pink. It is getting very top heavy and wobbly in the pot and I am lucky if it hasn’t fallen over during the day. I prop the inner pot under the rim of the outer heavier container and hope for the best.

I am going to revamp my circ needle case. it was not successful and the needle collection just keeps on growing.


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