things are happening

Since I last posted, I have finished a little vest with the self patterning sock yarn, a scarf made with Binaro which was a gift last spring. I made a few Asian ATC’s for a swap and am now hosting one on Picasso and working on another.

I have knitted alot on a shawl and have also unpicked alot as well.
I have badly sprained my ankle and I have spent way too much time on the couch with my foot up.
I taught a small art doll pin made with paper, they have turned out very well and will be put in a doll exhibit for the next month. The dolls are piled on the bed, in the spare room, about 2 feet deep. I will be glad when it looks tidy in there. The living room is in the midst of painting and all the furniture is piled up in there as well.

I took a course in needlefelting a head. Lots of fun but not too attractive.
I haven’t figured out how to do pictures yet, but I will soon. Looking at pictures is my favorite part of blogs. I just notice the insert image window. Maybe next time.

Reading: ME by Katherine Hepburn


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